Students use engineering processes, design and make approved projects to work towards a Level 2 Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. 

All work is Unit Standards based and requires students to complete all elements in each unit of work. Both practical and theory are required in most units of work.

This course offers part of the National Certificate for entry into automotive trades and is suitable for those considering automotive engineering and farming careers. It develops student skills in the use of hand and machine tools and related automotive knowledge.

The course is based on the design, construction and use engineering processes on an approved project(s) e.g. 70cc midi bike.

Building comprises of both practical and related theory activities that are required in most units of work. Students will design and make approved projects.

Technology hard materials uses the design process to generate ideas and produce outcomes to solve a problem using a combination of resistant materials.

Students will learn from a combination of the following: sketching, computer aided design (CAD), modelling (prototypes), use of basic tools, machines and specialised equipment.

This course will introduce students to technological practice within the context of materials technology with a focus on hard materials such as, but not limited to, wood, metal and plastic.