This course examines nutrition and commercial catering. Students will learn culinary terms, food safety and the preparation of specific foods. 

Students work with an authentic client to present a solution to meet their needs. This involves meetings, food testing, surveys and extensive market research. The course includes the development of a food product which will require the students to carry out a wide range of food tests. and food processing.

This course covers nutritional concerns and eating patterns and the relationship between food choices, lifestyle and well-being. Students study multinational food corporations and health promotions. 

This course is designed for students who wish to gain basic knowledge and skills working with food in the hospitality / catering industry.

This course examines societal factors influencing food choices and health. It looks at nutritional concerns, specific to New Zealand, food for high energy users. Students create a food product by implementing food processing operations and promote health strategies. 

This open entry course covers food handling, terminology used in catering, food preparation, cooking and presentation. 

Food and nutrition covers the following topics: processing technology; techniques and processes in practical food-based activities; nutritional needs; apply decision-making principles to food choices for individuals and families; food choices and well-being; New Zealand food culture; and the packaging and labeling of food.

Year 10 students will develop and extend their nutritional knowledge and skill level through a range of cooking techniques, a variety of food issues, meal planning, and preparation and presentation of food. Product development is also included in the course.

In this course of study, students’ will develop and extend their nutritional knowledge and skill level through the processes of selecting, preparing, cooking, and serving food. Students will have the opportunity to develop their creativity and experience a sense of accomplishment as they gain skills that contribute to well-being.