A broad survey of the effect of conflict in the Middle East on the rest of the world, including New Zealand. The topic will study the emergence of the state of Israel and conflict in the Holy Land. A special studies component involving a research inquiry into an historical event or place, using primary and secondary sources.

The study of major forces shaping today’s world - nationalism, imperialism and diplomacy. The focus is on world history and its impact on New Zealand.

Year 11 History has a very focus. Selected themes in modern 20th Century history are studied. Close attention is given to current events illustrating the topics. Study of visual resources – cartoons, graphs, maps, statistics and other documents is a major part of the course. Research projects encourage students to be independent and show initiative.

History is a study of the awesome world of the past: its triumphs, terrors, marvels and mistakes. Students will learn the skills of historical research, to think critically and become an informed citizen of the modern world. The focus will be on the ‘stories’ of past events, eras and civilisations while building a practical skills base for future learning.