This course covers environmental factors that influence plant growth and development. 

This open entry course examines plant propagation techniques, landscape design, plant processes, environment impacts, soil science, practical skills and management practices. 

Students will learn how to grow plants from seeds and cuttings, how plants are used, garden planning, weed identification and control, and how to improve soil and promote better plant growth. Growth of interest plants like cacti, ferns, palms and carnivorous plants is also investigated along with special techniques like bonsai and topiary.

Horticulture is a vital industry both in New Zealand and globally – horticulture feeds the world. Students will be introduced to the world of plants and their significance to both the New Zealand economy and the region’s economy. Students will raise seedlings, propagate plants from cuttings and learn how to successfully manage plant growth. They will work in the horticulture garden plots and be responsible for the plants grown in there.