The subject continues with the land skills introduced in the senior school and develops skills in: propagation and plant husbandry, recognising plant pests and diseases; as well as preparing and applying agrochemicals using basic hand operated equipment.  

This open entry course on Agriculture includes livestock management practices, pasture and crop production, soil management practices, geographic distribution of primary production in New Zealand  and the environmental impacts of primary production. 

This course covers running a small horticultural business; propagation from cuttings, maintaining tools and small engines, planting tree and shrubs and many more. 

Year 10 Agriculture examines aspects of pasture and crop production relevant to the agriculture industry, animal production including reproduction, anatomy, digestion and milk production. Students learn farm resource management will also be studied including Primary Industry in New Zealand, soil management, impacts on the environment and marketing of primary produce.

Agriculture is part of our primary industries and therefore is one of our most important industries. Students what prime industries is and its importance to us as a country. This includes pastoral and non-pastoral farming in NZ.; livestock classes in NZ; how we feed our stock with particular emphasis on pastures and crops and visits to the FAHS farms: Manawanui and Ngakauanui.