The following course is a resource bank of Moodle Minutes and Microsoft Moments displayed in staff briefing. These are just little reminders on how to perform certain functions and features within Moodle and Microsoft 365, the two foundations of our blended learning platform. 

This course is a resource bank with interactive activities to promote the use of Te Reo Māori and  

Māori Tikanga within the school. 

This course is the first test course that the e Learning committee will be working on to provide feedback on the school's new version of Moodle. 

The following course has been designed for staff to review the essential skills required for teachers and support staff to edit and add content and activities to Moodle. 

This course is a dedicated page where FAHS Feilding High School Senior Management will upload and share administration resources. 

This course page provides information on FAHS Feilding High School's Health and Safety information. 

This course page will provide a summary of staff meetings and resources distributed at those meetings. 

The following course will provide an outline for the appraisal process and the necessary documents for staff. 

This course will contain KAMAR resources for staff.