Students will design, write and produce a short film . They will be able to explain the representation of a specific group in the media and undertake a media film genre study e.g. film noir. 

This course requires students to create a two page feature article for a magazine of own choice. Students will explain the use of narrative (telling of a story) in film, undertake a media film genre study and write developed media text for a target audience. 

This course requires 11ENA as a co-requisite. Year 11 Media Studies examines film genres, scene analysis and the planning and production of a short film. 

This course has a focus on film genre, filming and editing. Students will explore the medium of film genre. They will explore the codes and conventions of the Teen Film Genre by researching and viewing examples of these texts. They will practise this learning through the practical application of script writing, filming and editing a short film trailer.