This course includes the following topics: land and people; communication and media; Japan at work and travel and tourism. Students will translate from English to Japanese, compose paragraphs and essays and prepare and deliver speeches. 

This course covers reading, listening, writing and speaking. Students learn 57 Kanji for mastery and 68 Kanji for recognition. With the greater emphasis on oral / aural comprehension, students may have the opportunity to chat to native speakers in Japan via the internet on Skype in some designated class periods.

The course aims to develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. There is greater emphasis on oral and aural comprehension. Students may have the opportunity to chat to native speakers via the Internet on Skype in some designated class periods. 

Students will continue to use the Hiragana script and will learn the Katakana script and some kanji as well. Units will be based on everyday communication situations designed to be as realistic as possible.

Students are not expected to have any knowledge of Japanese before entering this course. Students will learn the basics of the written language, starting with Hiragana the syllabary script.