Practical work involves camera, film and printing technique. The development of photography as an artistic medium is essentially the task with which students are involved.

Subject matter is determined by the individual after formal inquiry and study. Students make original works using a variety of methods and materials.

This course is a practical art and design course. 

Students work on personal programmes involving a practical study of contemporary (modern) artists and practices. A cultural study component is included. This is a course which studies painting and / or design

In this course, students will be technically proficient in using a camera. Students will learn about the history and social impact of photography. 

The programme involves making original art works using artist, cultural and environmental studies which can include New Zealand (including Maori) and international art, craft and design. This is presented in A1 and A3 format and may involve making art works in practical rooms (multi-media), darkrooms (photography) and the Mac suite (digital)

Students will learn to solve problems and extend the Year 9 Art study of line, shape, form, colour, tone, texture, pattern and space. Students will also learn skills in drawing, painting and design.

Year 9 Art teaches students how to make artworks and communicate ideas using the processes and procedures of art. Students will learn how to respond to and reflect on their own and others’ work using the language, symbols and text that are specific to our subject.