In this course, students will present solo and group performances. Students will compose, arrange and demonstrate knowledge of music works. 

Year 12 Music includes a solo performance, score reading and theory. Students gain a knowledge of music works, composition, instrumentation and group performances. 

Students must be taking lessons to learn an instrument, either through the school itinerant scheme or privately. Students must be working towards at least Grade 3 in theory and performance. Students must be involved in at least one of the school-based performance groups

Students will continue to play an instrument introduced in Year 9 Music or choose a non-concert band instrument such as guitar, piano or vocals. It is compulsory to attend instrumental lessons through the school IVT scheme or privately from Term 1 regardless of which term you will be in 10 Music. More information on this is given out at the beginning of the year

Year 9 Music exposes students to different genres, instruments and eras of music, while introducing them to the discipline of learning an instrument by attending lessons and practising. The course is designed for absolute beginners through to students who have extensive performance experience.