The course covers practical workshops, script analysis, performance, devising and live theatre viewing. Students will study the history of theatre, genres and drama theorists. 

This course includes practical workshops, physical theatre, devising and the study of theatre history and form. 

This is a predominantly practical course, supported by written evaluations and documentation of work completed. Students are expected to participate fully and be capable of keeping a detailed journal / work book as directed by the teacher. Units vary from extending skills learnt in Years 9 and 10, to introducing new skills and concepts. As all work is assessed in groups, excellent attendance is required.

This course is an extension of the Year 9 course skills, and involves new skills. The course aims to increase skills and confidence in character work, devising and performance, as well as the ability to analyse dramatic work using correct vocabulary.

Year 9 Drama has a special focus on exploring core physical skills of performance while building social skills and the ability to work effectively as part of a team.