Topic outline

  • General

  • Welcome to STEAM

    Great to have you with us.

    The Feilding High School STEAM centre aims to teach all aspects of the STEAM curriculum through the mechanisms of robotics, teamwork and problem solving. 

  • Programming

    The Core of Robotics is Coding

    You can use ROBOTC to programme your robot Please go to the website.  You will need to create an account (This is free and requires your school email) then you can go to​ and download ROBOTC for VEX Robotics.  This is completely free and will allow you to programme your IQ cortex. 

    If you want to pursuade your school to spend some money, we thoroughly recommend that you purchase a Virtual Worlds License from RobotC which will allow you to learn to programme without the robot.

  • Design

    If you can't CAD, you won't be able to enter a modern design workforce. Take advantage of the expertise we have.

    You can download a simple free Vex IQ assembler here

    Alternatively download Autodesk Fusion 360 which is much more powerful and also free for students and faculty

  • Engineering

    Quality engineering mean great robots.

    • Science

      Think about all the Science that goes into making your environment work.

      All the electronics and the physics are key to your success.

      • Mathematics

        Of course the basis of all Physics is Mathematics.

        The Language in which God wrote the Universe.

        • Art

          The ability to communicate is vital. Think about how Professor Sir Stephen Hawking would manage if he had no way to communicate.

          You will need to present your ideas clearly and in an interesting way. How else will you sell your ideas and get sponsorship?

          • Vex Robotics Competition

            This is the vehicle that we use to help you learn robotics and problem solving

            We would really like you to register your team and enter the World championships. You may not win but you will learn heaps about your robot and you.

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